Video Production & Photography

At Digital Brand Media, we have the experience you need for commercial, industrial, infomercial productions and more with professional photography and full digital production from start to finish.


We work with expert photographers. We strategize with our clients, and find the ideal visual presentation to match the mood and message of the client’s services or products, within the wider context of the client’s industry, field and expertise.

We also provide stand-alone video editing services to rework or enhance a client’s existing video. This includes conversion and editing services to prepare a video clip for presentation on a website or within social media. Expert post-production work is provided on the resulting images in preparation for publication (Photoshop services are also provided on a stand-alone basis). Typical photo shoot costs are determined by duration of the shoot, the number of locations, and type of models or talent desired, as well as any special requirements of the shoot.
Video Production

A video clip can be a tremendous enhancement to a website, helping generate client leads, as well as increasing the ranking of a site on Google and other search engines (video clips are often a great asset for a website). A video clip may also be simultaneously placed on numerous video sharing sites, greatly expanding one’s promotion in one shot!

We write, direct and produce for all forms of video – which including client interviews, promotional shorts for a companies and nonprofit organizations. Amongst our skill set is the ability to create unique custom animation for visual presentations.

Video production begins by ascertaining the client’s goals and target audience. We work with the content and message to be conveyed, coordinated with web marketing to be performed, which includes assessing the industry competition within the given area of the target audience. We start with a general concept, write a script and/or storyboard based on the concept, and strategize with the client to ensure the best results. We have our own production team, director and editors to deliver a product which far surpasses client expectations!